Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Palettes of the Master Painters

Hello lovelies,

I'll admit there is a huge gaping hole in my education. I chose a liberal arts University for the breadth of education it offered. I knew I ultimately wanted a career in medicine, but as long as I was paying $100's per credit hour I wanted to get as much education as I possibly could. I took classes on Philosophy, Theology, Literature, Psychology, Mathematics, Economics, Technology, Film, Sociology, American History, Mexican History... and so, so many more... yet, somehow I managed to make it through a relatively intense College Prep Curriculum in high school, and four years of undergraduate study at a liberal arts university without ever having taken an art course. That's right... not a single art course... of course I appreciate fabulous art, and looking back now I regret that gaping hole in my education...

So, I've set out to be self educated on all things wonderfully artful... imagine my surprise and delight when finding this wonderful article on the palettes of the master painters. I'm not sure why... but before reading this article I would have never thought that the way a master kept their palette was so interwoven with their style of painting. The article is worth a full read... but in the meantime I wanted to share some of the images of the master's palettes with you.
Auguste Renoir
Georges Seurat
Edgar Degas
Eugene Delacroix
Gustave Moreau
Paul Gauguin
Vincent Van Gogh

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