Friday, October 2, 2009

I am a consumer at heart

Okay, so maybe I am a little more shallow than I thought... eeek! I'm glad I'm exercising some self control and re-thinking my spending habits and thought patterns as part of budgeting this month... so lets take yesterday for example. I set my budget and then throughout the day I thought about buying all of this:

At work - I'm really bored with my clothes, and I get 30% off at Gap right now, plus my $10 rewards coupon, I'll just look. Oh I want those pants, and those pants, and those socks, and those leggings, and those pants, and that bra.

Walking to the front door after work - I want to buy a pretty fall wreath, and since leaves don't change color in central Texas I want lots of maple and oak leaves on it that are beautiful oranges and yellows.

Unlocking the front door - speaking of fall color, I should replace this summery pot with a nicely colored pot of mums.

In the kitchen watching my dogs eat dinner (I have to watch them or Bailey eats Peno's) - Since we aren't going to Austin City Limits, we should have Elizabeth and Jordan over, I should buy wine and cheese, and we should have a game night, and I should buy scrabble. I'm dying to play scrabble in real life again there's no reason I shouldn't own it.

In the bedroom folding laundry - wish I hadn't spilled bleach on these sheets, I want new ones anyway, we should buy new sheets, and a new duvet we've had this duvet since New York and the preppy boyfriend picked it out. It was sweet of him, but I sure would like to buy a duvet, and a nightstand for his side of the bed, then our room would look nicer.

Sweeping the floor in the living room - I love our tile floor, but I think an area rug would make this room so much cozier. I want a 5 X 8 area rug to put on the floor and then it will be so nice to sit on the rug by the fire in a few months.

Walking through the bedroom - we've lived here over a year and that picture is still propped up against the wall on the preppy boyfriends side of the bed. If it stays there I'm going to ask him to sell it before we move to San francisco. Speaking of pictures, I need to frame that 1950's Rockefeller plaza ad I bought when I worked in NY, oh and that Jack Vetriano poster I bought in 2005. I want a blue frame for the Vetriano, and some really nice matting for the Rockefeller ad.

In the bathroom - I love that new shampoo I bought, I should buy the conditioner to go with it, then my hair would smell good all day.

Wow, I have issues. I do think about other things throughout the day (lately a lot of "I can't believe I got into medical school"), but seriously... I think my consumerism is out of hand.


duchessbelle said...

I have the same spending loop in my head. Although mine tends to veer off course and then I end up spending $50 on pumpkin carving supplies/pumpkins because I convince myself that I can re-create the ones in Martha Stewart Living.

AEOT said...

Is preppy bf moving to SF with you? Will he have to find a new job or can he do his current one from there? Will you be starting in the winter or in the fall?

there, this should give you something to think about besides shopping :)

Chic Runner said...

I am so the same way. I totally think like that all the time. It's a bad habit!

Kristin said...

You are not alone sister!