Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dressing Room Breakdown and I May Be Addicted to Shopping


It's been one week since I started my budget... and although there's been uhmm ah lets call it "flexible math." I'm still considering myself on budget!
You see, I received a belated birthday gift this week. Totally unexpected and totally not budgeted! Hurray... so I used it to buy my sister's birthday present ($82), A stocking stuffer for the PBF's mom ($10), and a little hostess gift for our next visit to the PBF's parents house (whenever that will be) $4. I also bought myself a travel monogram coffee mug ($11), new dress $16, some new shoes $16, and some hosiery $7. I haven't gone crazy by any means, but I certainly did not stay within my planned budget of $50 towards gifts, and of course no clothes shopping!
I may be addicted to shopping, it felt great to browse for good deals for my sister, and for great deals for myself. Now of course I feel guilty, I set all these budget goals, and could have used the excess to save for school, but instead I spent it... Eeek! Then again, it was a birthday gift, and not budgeted so I probably shouldn't feel bad for enjoying how I spent it!

On to another crisis... while on the afore mentioned shopping excursion I had a dressing room breakdown. You know the one, where that horrible lighting managers to highlight every extra inch of you, and draws immediate attention to the cellulite (seriously, on my calves?) and stretch marks (seriously, on my hip bone?) you didn't know you had. Typically I call my friend Gretchen in those moments, but she is recovering from a serious break up and somehow crying over disliking my figure seemed a little self centered when faced with her very real pain.
So here I am, six weeks and 2 days away from vacationing with the preppy family. Laying on the beach, in all my glorious cellulite self... Aaak! Figure intervention seriously needed readers... I have a membership to a great gym that I hardly use- anyone have any tips on how to get out of bed at 5 AM to make it to the gym? I usually like to go afterwork, but the PBF hates how that cuts into our 'family' time. since I like to be in bed by 10:30, and the class I like at the gym doesn't end until 7... then I don't get home and out of the shower until almost 8, leaving a measly 2.5 hours of 'family' time before I'm off to bed again. I'm thinking if I can get up way before the sun and start my day off with a workout, maybe then it'll be manageable?


The Wife said...

I went shopping and broke the budget but before I could tell the husband I sold some clothes at Plato's closet and made up for it! Ha!! If it was a gift do not feel bad!!

thepreppyprincess said...

We love this post Miss Completely, and totally know the dressing room breakdown syndrome, it can be the worst! But one can accomplish a lot in six weeks, although it does mean getting up incredibly early or staying up really late. (Sadly, I fail at both most of the time!)

Sending you a smile and a hug,

Blue-eyed Runner said...

I am in a similar situation! I take a class twice a week and my gym and don't get home until 7 and I also like to get my beauty rest. Trust me, the PBF probably wouldn't be thrilled with you getting up early to go to the gym either! Mine wasn't. Good luck! :)

Haven and Home said...

Flexible Math, love it. I am sorry about the dressing room, ugh I hate when that happens!

Beth Dunn said...

Try just working out at home that way getting up won't seem as dreadful. xoxo


cMe said...

The 30 Day Shred video was the best $14.99 I have ever spent! You can do it at home and it only takes 20 minutes. I need to start getting up and doing mine before work.