Saturday, July 17, 2010

Elle's Preppy Recipe of the Month July - Fried chicken

This recipe is another preppy family classic... we make it almost every time we go up to the preppy boyfriend's parents house, but most of all we ALWAYS make it for the fourth of July. The preppy boyfriends sister learned how to make Granna's chicken from Granna a few months before Granna died, and then the first time she made it the Preppy Father helped her, and every time after that she and I split the work. She fries the chicken while I'm breading the chicken. We stand outside on the porch with the sink, and skillet, and fridge, and we sweat to death frying chicken in the hot Arkansas July afternoon.

Take as much skinless chicken breast as you want (we usually do 4-6 lbs)
Trim any fat off
Cut the chicken into bite size pieces (think chicken nuggets)
Put the chicken in one of those disposable aluminum pans get it as big and deep as you can
Once all the chicken is in the pan cover with Buttermilk
Place the chicken and buttermilk in the fridge to soak overnight
About 2:00PM the next day make up one bowl with a mixture of AP flour and Salt and Pepper

Pour 2-4 cups vegetable or canola oil into an electric or regular skillet. Once the oil temperature reaches 350 -375 take a piece of chicken out of the buttermilk, and toss it gently in the flour and drop into a skillet either electric or regular. 

Gently turn each piece of chicken a few times until it reaches a nice delicious golden brown. 

I fully intended to take pictures as we were frying the chicken this year, but the preppy boyfriends dad took over frying duties and I forgot to take pictures!

The secret here is in using cut up chicken breasts instead of whole legs and thighs and also in soaking the chicken overnight in buttermilk, trust me it makes a huge difference! We always eat it with gravy, mashed potatoes, tomatoes and green beans.

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