Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gardening in Texas Giveaway!

It is spring in Texas! Hurray! We are almost past the point of our last threat of frost. It has been hovering around 80 most of the week in Austin and I have been gardening like crazy. What's growing in my garden? I am SO glad you asked:

Six varieties of tomato including: heirloom purple, cherry black, yellow, juliet, and beef steak
Bell Peppers
Sweat Peas
Two Hydrangeas
Snap Dragons
Bearded Iris
Gerber Daisy
Ageratum Blue Mink
Globe Gilia
Evening Primrose
Love in a Mist
Five Spot
Blue Bonnets
Calla Lilies
and I have even grown an Oak seedling from an acorn that had sprouted a root in my flower bed.
Forget Me Nots
Ruffled Elephant Ear Ferns
Fox Tail Fern

I know there are more but for now that's all I can recall... Since I know many of you are still shoveling snow and scraping off windshields in the morning I thought I would host a giveaway to send a little spring your way.

I'm giving away a garden in a bag! These are positively wonderful and we've grown cilantro and basil successfully from them. Everything you need to grow an indoor garden is included in the waterproof bag, seeds, soil, moisture retention beads everything. All you have to do is scatter the seeds in the bag, water and place in a sunny spot inside!

The winner will get their choice of a vegtable/fruit, flower, or herb garden in a bag. I will announce the winner for my 51st post (lets say sometime around March 6th).

To enter:

Comment on this post (1 entry)
Follow this blog (2 entrys if you were a follower before the giveaway 3 entrys)
Write a post on your blog about this blog (3 entrys)

You have a total of six entrys possible (7 if you were already a follower)!

Good Luck and bring on spring!


Suburban prep said...

I was just looking for some seeds to begin a garden indoors. It isn't quite warm enough here in the Chicago area for flowers outdoors.

I have been a follower on Google reader for quite some time.

Mallory Ann said...

I would love to enter!!! I will follow your blog as a fellow Texan, I am 90min North of you in Waco!!

Henry said...

My daughteris just developing an interest in plants so this would be such fun for us to watch grow!

Seaside Prep said...

please enter me!! this looks awesome! I was already a follower (score!) and i will place on my sidebar! :)

Erin said...

I would like to enter! Yay!


What Kate Wore said...

This is a fabulous giveaway! Whoo-hoo, spring and all that comes with it!

Great idea Miss Complete!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hey Lady! Love the giveaway - I live in an apt and really want that herb grower thing that you plug in, but it's like $150!

I follow and I have posted about your giveaway on my blog :)

PS - thanks for posting about my giveaway on your blog!!

Carolyn G said...

What an awesome giveaway. I am starting to plan my garden as well. THanks for the giveaway.

Carolyn G said...

I follow

Coastal Belle said...

I love it! Consider me mentioning this on my blog today!

Hopsy said...

You have a HUGE garden! That is so wonderful. There is nothing like fresh produce and I think it is very important and be a bit self sufficient too! I would love to enter for a garden in a bag (you just introduced me to these!) and I am a follower!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Wow- your garden sounds amazing! Please take pics for those of us up here in snow country! I would love to enter the giveaway and have been a follower for a little while now.

Brenda H. said...

Wow, that sounds like one amazing graden! I just love fresh vege's and herbs!
I just get one entry, (no blog!), but I'm keepin' my fingers crossed that I win!! I'd LOVE for you to send a little "spring" my way! Thanks for being so generous!
~Brenda H.

AEOT said...

I can't believe how big your garden is. I'm so impressed! Hopefully soon B and I will be able to start a garden of our own (as soon as we buy our first house!). I would love the basil plant- we use it all the time in the summer. I'm going to post about it now on my blog!

auntrene said...

I would so love to have this garden in a bag. What a wonderful idea. I have never heard of them.
I would love to have this for the kiddos, We grew a amaryllis during the holidays and they loved measuring it and waiting for it to bloom.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway

auntrene said...

I am a new follower.. Yeah!

Valerie said...

i am definitely thinking this is great!!! Love it!!!

C'est la Vie said...

planting bulbs and getting ready for spring..Love the bags!!

C'est la Vie said...

ok My Blog is all about you!!

c said...

oh gosh- count me in!

Legal Preppy said...

oh what a fantastic giveaway!

I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time now, and I am going to add your giveaway to my sidebar!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Oh my, so cute! I love these things - especially since I'm an apt. dweller & cannot have a real outdoor garden of my own, sigh!

Imjustagirl said...

WOW! I have wanted to start a garden for a long time now but never really knew where to begin. I am a new follower. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Chic Runner said...

Ohh I'm a follower and what a great idea! :)

Velvet and Linen said...

Those are so cool.
I would love to win one!


Michelle Murphy said...

As a gal who is still digging out from today's 10 inches of snow (in CT), I would LOVE to win one of these. Spring can't come fast enough here -- yet it's probably a good 5-6 weeks away. Aarrggh!

Nikki said...

oh how I miss fresh picked Basil for bruscetta thanks for the chance at this
posted a link :)
and will follow too
6/7 isn't bad :)

Carrie said...

I love Spring. It is just around the corner here too.
I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to grow some herbs inside this year. This would be so nice.
I am followng you now.
I am posting the giveaway on my blog too.
I have a giveaway going as well. Check it out.

koopermom said...

I have spring fever so BAD! I'd love to win, I can't wait to get outside and start working in the yard!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered! Thanks :)

Susie Mitchell said...

I just planted some kind of creeping spinach...can't wait for it to be up and growing. I'd love to win your giveaway...what fun to grow flowers or veggies in a bag.

Susie Mitchell said...

I just found out about your just started following...I appreciate the extra entries in your giveaway.
Blessings, Susie

Willnnabel said...

I am giving this a shot and posting a comment. I could use the garden bag kit. With the economy tanking, especially here I will need the garden. So please add me to your generous giveaway.

Unknown said...

Oh our snow is just starting to melt here, but I am SO looking forward to the summer and some fresh herbs! I am new too!

Just Sweet Creations said...

Just love this idea a graden in a bag.... great giveaway.Ehat a way to bring in the spring.

Yoga with Gaileee said...

Am I too late?

I like to do raised beds, but haven't been able to yet, in my new to me house.

Another fellow Texan! In Port Neches, Texas.
yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

Love 2 Sew 4 Fun

Yoga with Gaileee said...

I'm now following your blog as "Gaileee"

Thank you!

Love to plant! I have this "bushy" okra plant that grew over 12 feet tall, this last year, in my flower bed. Even after the "rare" snow that Port Neches got, it still flowered. Deep roots, those "bushy" okras! We fight over who gets the extra serving, when I make fried okra!

yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

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Anonymous said...

AHH! Am I too late?!? PICK ME!! I need a little greenery in my life. I just became a follower!

Julie said...

Wow, what a garden! I would LOVE a garden in a bag - how fun is that! I need all the gardening help I can get!

Pink Flamingo said...

What a fun giveaway...I would love to follow and enter if I am not too late.

Simply Debbie said...


Hillcrest Acres said...

Love this. I was just looking at these at Target in the Smith and Hawkins isle. They have herbs in a bag and I almost bought one. It would be so much cooler if I won it!!!

Lis said...
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Natty said...

I love gardening! I already planted a few herbs for my garden and i would love to win the garden in a bag giveaway, so ingenious!
I'm a follower and a fellow Texan :)
Thanks for hosting this great giveaway

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I follow! And I've always wanted one of these guys, as I am an apartment dweller than cannot have a real garden, sigh!

Susan said...

I'm a follower! This is a fun giveaway - thanks!!

silverhartgirl said...

I love diggin in the dirt

MLG said...

Your garden sounds absolutely stunning! My mother and I love to garden together. I'm graduating from college this May and I'm so excited to be back home for the summer to see what's growing! I just found your blog through Miss Sweet Tea, and it's my pleasure to become a follower. I love your beautiful blog. I'm posting about you're giveaway on my blog. Thanks!

throuthehaze said...

your garden sounds great!