Monday, November 17, 2008

What a place to spend a fall afternoon...

Fall in Texas has finally arrived, and by that I mean the temperature dropped and stayed below 70 for over 24 hours! WooHoo!

Something about fall always makes me think fondly of my past. As I was looking out my window at the green trees and cloudless blue sky of the Texas Hill Country this afternoon, it occurred to me that I miss New York. Not in the heart-achingly way that a sojourner longs for home, no... it was more of a twinge for a familiar way to spend a fall day.

This led me to want to share one of my favorite New York places with you. Now, dear readers when you read New York, don't make the oh to familiar mistake of thinking 
I mean "The City" because New York is so very much more than Manhattan. Although I worked in Manhattan, I lived up state near a charming little village "Rhinebeck." I took the Mid-Hudson Line from Grand Central Station 90 minutes north to Poughkeepsie, and from Poughkeepsie drove to my house. Rhinebeck is like something out of a vacation dream book, with gorgeous boutiques and antique shops, and sweet little victorian houses abounding down the narrow village lanes. For whatever reason, in the two years I lived there I did not take one picture of downtown Rhinebeck but in my longing for this familiar and sweet little town I thought I would share with you the Gem of Rhinebeck's mainstreet. 

(The above picture, gives you a good feel for mainstreet Rhinebeck)

It is a beautiful design store - Hammertown. They have three locations, but I have only had the pleasure of visiting the Rhinebeck store. The website features their exquisite furniture, but none of the other wonderful treasures. Trust me when I say that every nook and cranny of the store is adorned with the most exquisite and delightful items, from gorgeous jewelry to candles, to import salt for cooking, to hand made children's toys, and gorgeous linens, and books, and bags. They have an array of treasures for every budget. I have often walked in the doors and found the perfect birthday present for less than $20, and they always wrap everything so wonderfully! I have been known to spend hours absorbing every detail of the small four room store. If I could spend this beautiful fall day any way I wanted, it would be to pick up a pastry and a coffee in one of the local shops, and then to browse and shop my heart away in Hammertown.

If you could spend a fall day browsing your favorite home and design store where would you go?

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