Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things to look forward too...

Hello readers,

So I have been remiss for the last few days. I have had lots of work, and a few social calls to make. But I wanted to check in and let you know there are good things to come. In the next few days for your reading pleasure I will feature:

Monday Flower Day ~ This will be a re-occuring event every Monday (this week its clearly late) I get the most beautiful bouquets delivered to my office every Monday. It is the highlight of my day, and I'm going to share them with ya'll every week. This week's bouquet features hydrangea's, roses, lilies, and daisies. I'll also show you the gorgeous view from my office windows.

Design projects ~ I've started collecting mismatched candlesticks, my goal is to paint them all, and to put one color candle in them (I'm thinking all white) and put them on my mantel after the holidays. I want them to look like they go together and be chic, but not matchy. I'm hoping ya'll can suggest the color I should paint the candle sticks. I will post pictures of our fireplace and mantel, and possible of the rest of our living room as well to give ya'll a feel for what would fit there well.

Design project #2~ I have a whicker rocker that my parents purchased when I was born. I love this rocker, but it has definitely seen better days. It's scratched and worn, and currently sits in all its dilapidated glory in front of our fire place. I'm hoping to update it either with paint or stain, something I've never done before. I'm afraid I'll ruin it, or paint it a color I hate or something horrid, so any input will be fantastic! Again I'd like the rocker to look chic and timeless and since so much of our furniture is dark I'd hopefully like to stay away from painting it too dark. I'd love to hear your suggestions for fixing up the rocker I'll post pictures of the rocker and our living room so you can get a full feel for the space.


Anonymous said...

You know Miss Complete, that candlestick idea sounds so cute...! You are going to *have* to share photos when the collection is... well, when it is collected! (And painted and everything.)

Have a splendid weekend!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the comment, I was just blown away by this nursery. It made me want to do something like it here in Texas but could you just imagine a cafe in a greenhouse here, more like a cafe/sauna. I don't think that it would work out the same. Thanks again, HEidi