Saturday, November 15, 2008

Something to get out of bed for...

This morning dear readers I, woke up reached out for my cell phone to check my email... Why am I checking my email on a cell phone, you ask? I must be on some terrific vacay for which I will have wonderful details and pictures to share with you, right? Or maybe I have some important job that would of course be sending me an urgent, career changing email at 8:30AM on a saturday?

Sadly, no. No vacay, and no uber important job for Miss Complete (thank you Preppy Princess for the nick-name), in reality I have mounds of laundry to attend to this morning. When Cheffie travels for weeks at a time, he lovingly saves his laundry for me to wash when he returns. At the very moment that I feel I am caught up, he leaves, and returns again with weeks worth of laundry. Wash, Spin, Dry, Press, Fold, and Repeat.

So this morning I lay in bed looking out my window at the gorgeous fall day, but still suffering from a terrible case of the "I don't wanna's", I checked my email searching for motivation to attack (because with this much laundry an attack is what it takes to get it done). I found the motivation ladies! It came in the form of a 50% off sale at J.Crew!

The picture is, of course, a URL to the website. Enjoy!

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thepreppyprincess said...

Oh yeah.... a good choice! And honestly, who can do things on their list when the sale is an option?