Friday, November 21, 2008

Potting Bench...

Cheffie's mother has the most amazing home. She is an interior designer and she and Cheffie's father custom built their home and no small detail was ignored. They are both certified master gardeners and their home has been photographed, and toured by national garden societies too many times to count. Hopefully, when we are staying there over the holiday I will be able to take and post some pictures for you.
One of my favorite features of the garden is a planting bench that she's painted a light green blue, she placed it against the side of the house and then surrounded it with herbs, and she stores her collection of unique watering cans on the bench. I love this bench for its functionality and also because I love furniture outside.

So I nearly flipped when I saw this super cute little potting bench on discount at World Market. It is $40 discounted from the original price of $159 can you believe it? The picture is a link.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens Miss Complete, do Cheffie's parents sound uber-talented! And potting benches can be so utilitarian it is amazing.

Thank you for entering the giveaway *and* mentioning in your blog! Whoo-hoo!

Grins and giggles for a wonderful weekend,

Anonymous said...

i want that. seriously. too bad it's only a bit over 40 degrees right now and i don't even want ot think about going outside :)