Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My New Favorite Cooking Blog -- Pioneer Woman Cooks

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Welcome to my new followers... yesterday I found a whole wave of medical student, nurse, and Dr's wives blogs and I am so happy to be finding a medical community within the blog community. 

This weekend we hosted a get together for all of our friends. We asked everyone to bring apps and something to drink. It was a great success. Our friends brought creme fresh on rye topped with smoked salmon and lemon zest, bruschetta on toast topped with pancetta and mozzarella, cream cheese raspberry chipotle dip. Then I made these delicious mushroom stuffed philo pockets from The Pioneer Woman Website:

as well as these delicious cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos from the same website.

And last week I made the lasagna from The Pioneer Woman website... I'm telling you right now. This woman knows how to cook. Easy, Fast and Delicious! The step by step photo instructions never leave me wondering "is this how it is supposed to look?" This weekend I'm hoping to make this cauliflower soup...mmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Those mushroom phyllo bundles look AWESOME. I love anything that pairs mushrooms and phyllo dough. Mmmmm...

Scientific Housewife said...

Everything looks great, I'll have to check it out!