Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coupons - Macy's, Nordstrom's, Clinique, Gap, DSW, Victoria's Secret

As most of you know I'm starting medical school in the fall... medical school = outrageously expensive! However, I found this really great program called UPromise. With UPromise, you can either register one of your credit cards at the site, or you can use my personalized shopping link (I'll post it below). When you either use one of your registered credit cards, or use the shopping link a portion of each of your purchases will go to help pay for my college tuition. 

Is this a shameless plug? Absolutely, however there are benefits to you. First of all the program costs you nothing, and secondly through UPromise there are 1,000's of coupons and sales that you won't otherwise be offered. Everyone from Expedia, to Nordstrom's, Victoria's Secret to Ebay are a part of the program. It costs you nothing, and it helps me to pay for medical school...

It works similar to Rue La La, when you register, you name me as the person who sent you, and with Rue La La I get a $10 referral credit and you get access to great sales (clink Here if you haven't signed up yet), with UPromise they pay money towards my college tuition and you still get access to great sales in store and online. If you want to register your card/cards with UPromise email me ( and I will give you the link and my information to name me as the beneficiary. If you don't want to register your card you can use this link to shop at your favorite online vendors, find great coupons and sales, and they will make a donation towards my medical school tuition.

With UPromise as with Rue La La, nobody else will have access to your account or to your credit card information. It is completely 100% private. Your account is your account, and my account is my account. 

Should you ever want to join any of the member's only sales and shopping sites I've mentioned on this blog just view the panel on the left hand side of my blog... you can click each of the links for instant invitations. With the exception of One King's Lane, if you want to belong to One King's Lane email me at and I will email you an invitation.

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I would totally help, but I already have UPromise attached to my little nephew and are going to his college funds! Good luck though because it's such a great way to earn little by little!