Friday, March 13, 2009

Jockey's and I'm ready for the Kentucky Derby

Dear Readers,

I am sorry to have been so suddenly absent in the middle of my Giveaway! I still have not reached 51 posts, so go here to enter if you have not already done so.

I have been extraordinarily busy the past two weeks, house guests, bonus time at work, Cheffie's Surprise Paintball Birthday Extravaganza (not very chic, but it was a lot of fun), and then more house guests this week.

In the midst of the chaos I have found a new favorite show, Jockey's on animal planet. I love that the show is full of real drama and excitement it's a nice reprieve from watching the "real housewives" scratching each others eyes out over airbrushed pictures and their husbands ages.

Jockey's follows several jockey's at Santa Anita downs which is one of the most competitive racetracks in the country.

It features several male jockey's and two female jockey's, one of which is Chantal Sutherland who has been featured in vogue.

I love the preppy brightly colored silks, and the gorgeous monogrammed cravats the jockey's wear, I also love seeing the gorgeous horses. Although there are no new episodes airing you can catch view the full season online at the Animal Planet Channels website:

This show has made me so excited about horse racing, I have already begun planning for my Kentucky Derby Party. Big hats and mint juleps... here I come!
*All photos courtesy of, all photos are links to the Animal Planet Website

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