Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eddie Ross at ETSY Mid Week Update

Wednesday is Eddie Ross Update day and I could not be more excited about what he has up for sale this week: First of all this gorgeous herringbone pattern pressed glass basket, imagine how wonderful this would look overflowing with Hydrangea's or tulips for an outdoor Easter brunch? Or in the summer filled with huge sunflowers for a delicate touch on a BBQ buffet table. I love all things sparkly, especially little touches of silver or gold at the table. These hammered silver cocktail glasses from the 1920's would be stunning under candlelight at dinner. Or as the perfect Mint Julip glasses for my Kentucky Derby party (I am beyond obsessed at this point). My final pick of the week is this modern pitcher with the silver rim. Although living with a chef means that I have the best of the best in kitchen ware, my table ware is often lacking basic necessities. One such necessity is a simple glass pitcher. Just looking at this one makes me want to mix up some mint julips right now! *All pictures are links to the Eddie Ross at ETSY store

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niartist said...

I'm loving the pitcher also. Too bad I don't have a need for it - wait, what am I saying - since when did "need" ever factor into play? LOL!