Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Boot Dilemma....

Readers I have a dilemma... I hate winter boots. I despise them, I truly believe there are few things tackier than UGGS. Because of this I have held off buying winter boots, but this year I will be spending the holiday skiing in Utah. I have been known to wear slippers to the ski slopes however, I think as an adult I really should arrive in some incredibly chic (yet affordable) boots. So dear readers, please give me your input on which pair I should acquire... and If they are all hideous but you have a great suggestion as to wear I can find some not so hideous boots please do tell!







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ShoeGal said...

I feel your pain about winter boots - I bought a great pair from Merrell last year (the Tetra Launch Waterproof) and loved them. They aren't hideous, they're lined and waterproof, so they hold up to snow and ice quite well. I actually purchased them for a New Year's ski vacation and they held up wonderfully.