Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Garden of Delights -Vogue Editorial 2006

Hello Lovelies,

I believe that classic photography along with classic style are always fashionable... lately I've been finding myself drawn back to this December 2006 Vogue Editorial by Steven Meisel.

I love how striking these blue poppy print dresses are against the structure hedge and the green background, the pattern jumps out at you without overwhelming you.

I love this pose, the chairs laid down on the bed of jasmine, the girls in such a state of repose... and I love the use of color here, just a punch of purple, again not overwhelming but it calls you to keep looking, and somehow although the girls are resting the image itself seems to have movement.

You might have seen this image, it's floating around on several blogs and other such pages. I love the way the skirts blend in with the greenery, as though the girls themselves might be some sort of forest creature. The pattern on their blouses also feels very regal to me, and a little bit fantasy, perhaps they're on their way to play croquet with Alice and the red queen?

This image is my favorite of the shoot! That had needs to make an appearance at Ascot! and I am in awe of the makeup for this image, those smokey eyes, the pale pink lips, the dewy bronze neckline... major props to the makeup artist for this one!


Scientific Housewife said...

Gorgeous photos!

Smindham1 said...

This was shot at my home in New Jersey! My children loved it. Was like being in Devil Wears Prada movie